Join our team

We are so glad that you are considering becoming part of our Calvary Kids team! There is always a need for additional help in the Children’s Ministry. The more help we have, the greater and more effective our ministry can be. We are not seeking professionals, but individuals who love Jesus Christ and have a willingness to serve.

There are a few prerequisites to becoming involved in this ministry:

  1. You need to be a born-again Christian for 6 months for assistant, 1 year for teacher.
  2. You have sat under the teachings of Pastor Malcolm for at least 6 months.
  3. You consider Calvary Chapel Merritt Island your home church.
  4. You attend regular weekly fellowship in at least one of our weekly services.

You will need to fill out a Calvary Kids Questionnaire. You can fill it out online, or you can print one out, and turn it into the church.  Please also print out a copy of the “Responsibilities & Requirements” form and the “Background Check & Authorization” form.  Both will need to be completed, signed and turned in. Please note that a Parent/Guardian will need to sign along with applicant if applicant is younger than 18.

An MYT (Ministry Youth Trainee) is a youth between the ages of 12 and 15 who is involved in a training program preparing him or her to be an assistant in the classroom. They are assigned to different classes so they get an overall training. They assist teachers in practical duties like taking chidden to the restroom (girl MYTs only), give individual attention to children needing help with lesson or craft work, keep children together in transport, help teachers monitor class during checkout…etc.

To be a MYT you must be:

  1.  between the ages of twelve (12) and fifteen (15) and at least in the 7th grade. When you turn sixteen your file is automatically transferred to the main Children’s Ministry files.
  2. You must be a born again Christian and have an ongoing walk with the Lord.
  3. Calvary Chapel Merritt Island must be your regular place of worship and fellowship.
  4. Calvary Chapel Merritt Island requires all its ministry workers to be in regular weekly fellowship. This means that you are required to attend a Sunday morning service (that you are not serving at) or a Jr. High or Sr. High service on Wednesday or Sunday nights.
  5. You must complete a MYT Questionnaire and have your parent or legal guardian sign it giving his/her consent for you to participate in this program.

For questions, please contact Dan Quattrocchi via or 321-453-6779 ext 137